Trinity Investigations and Security Inc. is a full-service security and investigations agency that is licensed in the State of Florida. At Trinity we go to great lengths to provide our customers with exceptional and reliable service in all that we offer. Our organization provides a wealth of private investigation and security services for our customers. Those services are backed by an immense pool of knowledge and talent from our senior staff and employees. We guarantee any service that is provided by us will be of the highest quality and will exceed all of your expectations.

About Us

We Believe In Exceptional Service.

Trinity is your one-stop shop for your security needs. We will conduct a free physical security evaluation of your properties providing you with an assessment of your security needs. Our evaluation will offer tips on how you can prevent crimes against your property with recommendations, like alarm systems, door locks, and other safety equipment. On some of our client's properties they have enjoyed the benefits of reduced insurance rates because of our presence which actually offsets the cost of having Trinity onsite. We offer both (marked and unmarked) vehicle patrols along with plain clothed or uniform foot patrols. We have customized security plans depending on what your security needs. We've provided temporary security for several hours or days we do special event security and of course we specialize in permanent solutions. If you need security services part time or 24/7 we will fill your need....

We provide you with a security service that is second to none, which is what you should expect from any security service. Your safety is our concern Hiring Trinity as your security service team will provide you with an all-inclusive contract relieving you of the hassles of liability insurance and making sure that all licensing is correct and up to date. We treat our clients and security personnel with the highest of dignity and respect.

We feel armed security services should also be affordable. We also believe that being affordable is the key to your safety and our success. You want the best security services without the exorbitant rate. We want to provide you exceptional security services without the high costs that are associated with it. We keep our expenses to a minimum making it possible to pay our staff at the top of the security industry's pay scale. Our #1 goal is to keep our customers and our guards happy which is a key dynamic in increased productivity which leads to our customers continued satisfaction. At the same time, our clients receive top-notch security at a price they can live with.

We like to hire officers that have previous experience. They are the best even before we hire and train them. Their previous training is then augmented by our training regimen which reinforces what they already know. Our new recruits also greatly benefit from the depth of experience in our cadre of officers. Our handpicked officers set an industry standard by wearing proper uniforms, displayed ID badges and all necessary equipment. We are determined to be the best at our craft. We ensure our security officers are proficient in the handling of firearms, understanding policies and procedures, understanding the local laws and ordnances and most of all knowing what the client wants. A sound understanding of each mission is the key to keeping each client happy. Our reinforcement of training ensures our officers are capable of making critical decision in highly stressful situations with little effort. That's the Trinity difference.

If you don't believe you need an armed security guard because it may promote a negative image of your business or residence thereby making your business or neighborhood appear to be unsafe, consider the following: The mentality of the criminal alone makes them dangerous. They may already have been watching your business or residence. An armed security officer can deter crime. If the criminal is armed, this puts the guard on an even playing field with the criminal. We care very much about our security officers' safety so we almost always recommend an armed officer. Depending on the profile of the area we might opt to use a plain clothed armed security officer in an unmarked vehicle. As a company whose only job is your security, you can rest assured that we will be there for all your needs. Your business is important to us. No need to hire an expensive off-duty police officer when you have Trinity on your side.

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Armed / Unarmed Security

Armed / Unarmed Security

When you hire armed security guards or unarmed security guards from Trinity Investigations and Security, you will have the finest, highly trained security guards available. We hire former law enforcement, military and specially trained personnel with security clearance and superb training with an impeccable background.

All of our guards go through a stringent testing process that comprises of both a physical part and with firearm evaluation part. Any shortcomings we quickly remediate and reenforce with proper training. They are prepared for any security problems that may arise.

We have two types of security guards that you can hire unarmed security guards or armed security guards. Unarmed security guards are there to observe, deter, and identify possible threats. Once a threat or issue has been found they work with local law enforcement or emergency services to remove the threat or issue. While unarmed security guards are great for observing and contacting the authorities, armed security guards take a more proactive approach to securing your property. Armed security guards are able to protect and defend your property if there is a threat to it. They are also able to detain any unauthorized people, contact law enforcement, and hand the detained person off to the proper authorities. Even though they have the ability to remove any potential threat, our armed security guards are trained to evaluate the situation and intervene only when necessary while waiting for the proper authorities to arrive.

Residential Security

Residential Security

Trinity is committed to delivering the highest quality and the most effective security service for apartments and condominiums. With over 100 years of combined security experience the senior staff of Trinity has a high level Of training and experience in the multi-family community. Each site that we patrol, receives a monthly security survey. Recommendations are put in writing to management.

Additional assistance is provided for resident and employee background checks, parking violations and lighting reports. We are here to build a lasting relationship with your community. One of the top priorities in multi-family residential security is the relationship between the security personnel and management. If security does not have the support of management to enforce rules and regulations then the security team is unable to perform it's duties. Trinity will draft an in-depth set of post orders that will be agreed upon by management, and Trinity prior to commencing security operations This creates a written set of guidelines. Our staff is on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and will respond immediately to all service calls.

Trinity also monitors, on a daily basis, crime levels in your surrounding community. This is the difference between proactive, and reactive. Armed uniformed officers, Unarmed uniform officers and marked patrol vehicles are available to cater to your needs. All Trinity personnel are recruited not hired. We pay our employees higher, because of there top qualifications. All personnel are licensed by the State Of Florida, and have completed our own in house training. All sites and officers are inspected randomly and regularly to ensure the highest quality of service for our clients.

We look forward to hearing from you about how we can best serve your community !

Commercial Security

Commercial Security

Whether it be a big multi-business shopping center, a warehouse, corporation, a medical clinic, or a stand-alone store we have you covered. We offer unarmed and armed security to ensure your business is protected. You have worked hard to build the business you have so why not ensure you investment is secure? Crime is everywhere whether it be vandalism, theft, burglary, or any other criminal act that could jeopardize your business.

 We offer many services that include, but are not limited to:
 Armed Foot Patrol
 Door Security Checks
 Armed Motorized Patrol
 Gate/Entrance Security
 Unarmed Foot Patrol
 Stationary Guards
 Movie Premier Security

Don't jeopardize the safety of your products and consumers ensure you are always protected with Trinity Commercial Security!

Private Investigations

Private Investigations

Our investigators are the best at what they do. They are quick, efficient, and are enormously thorough on every case that they take. They have many years of experience with a wide range of issues that they can apply to your case. You will not have to worry, we will ensure your case gets the a proper attention. Your request will be completed in a quick manner with the highest degree of discretion and professionalism. We realize hiring a Private Investigator is usually due to some wrong doing. We always ensure we have the correct facts and will not give you information unless we are certain of its authenticity. You can rest assured that we are on the case with whatever you may bring us.

Our Private Investigative services include, but are not limited to:
 Corporate fraud
 Traffic accident reenactment
 Missing persons
 Criminal background checks
 Child endangerment
 Corporate espionage circumvention
 Electronic surveillance
 Counter-surveillance of all kinds.

Church Security

Church Security

With ever rising conflicts due to religion ensuring your patrons are safe should always be your number one priority. By allowing us to train or secure your property you won't have to worry about anyone being placed in danger when they come to worship. We offer a multitude of services that can assist with securing your Religious Center. Whether it be training your personnel to handle threats or standing guard ourselves we have you covered. With Trinity Security you don't have to worry about anything and we will always ensure your patrons are safe!

Movie Security

Movie Security

Trinity Security has many years of experience with all sorts of Movie Security. Whether it be your normal Movie Premier, Corporate Party, or Corporate Meeting we will ensure proper security throughout the event. Our team has a solid set of procedures when dealing with Movie Premiers. They ensure the general safety of the patrons as well as conduct preventive and proactive measures to prevent movie piracy. The will restrict the level of access to the movie as well as handle the sensitive media if need be. Here at Trinity we are always ready to serve your security needs. Let us help you secure your Movie Event as well!


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